Meet the glue that holds Brennan Media together. All our team members are truly passionate about their role which is why we're able to deliver such high quality work.

Eric Brennan | Brennan Media

Eric Brennan

CEO & Creative Director

In a world where no one listens for more than 5 seconds, how can you share your message? Simple, stop talking about it and start doing it.

Jimmy Tran | Brennan Media

Jimmy Tran

Director of Sales

One of my greatest passions is sales. I love to meet new people, I am quick on my feet, well versed, and I love to think outside of the box to help people grow and expand their businesses.

Adriel Bencosme | Brennan Media

Adriel Bencosme

Director of Visual Productions

Adriel believes in creating a genuine and honest connection with all the people he does business with.

Kailyn McIsaac | Brennan Media

Kailyn McIsaac

Content Management Director

At 25 years old, I feel I have been successful in growing and building brand awareness for small businesses. I have always enjoyed writing and creating new material.

Jerry Heredia | Brennan Media

Jerry Heredia

Marketing Director

At 26-years-old, I have created a passion towards brand awareness and marketing. My focus is to spread your word, to the correct audiences, as quickly as possible.

Courtney Estacio | Brennan Media

Courtney Estacio

Copy Writer

Courtney Estacio is a Freelance Writer and Holistic Health Coach who helps busy professionals find balance in their everyday lives.

Mikey Shutters | Brennan Media

Mikey Shutters


New England based photographer that has risen to the top of the photography industry within the area by being dedicated, creative, and all around professional in his craft.

Evan Kretikos | Brennan Media

Evan Kretikos

Music Producer

Evan is better known in the music industry as Averse. He runs a media company of his own and specializes in Music Production.