More About Me

I am a young, vibrant, creative photographer raised in the inner city. I grew up loving art and enjoyed creating some of my own. I tried all mediums, from painting to making music, and the one form of art I came back to time and time again was photography.

I started my journey with a cheap point and shoot camera. I took it everywhere I went, capturing moments every chance I could. When I finally decided that I wanted to pursue photography as a career, I saved my pennies and bought my first DSLR. Although it was an amateur style camera, I was excited to just have a better one. As time went on and my skills developed, it was time to truly step it up. I put all my time and effort into making photography a legitimate career. I quit my full time job, bought a full frame professional camera, legalized my business name and now the rest is my history.

Mikey Shutters