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After you take a photo or video on Snapchat, you can slide through various filters that edit your media. You can adjust the colors, speed of videos, and add layers with already designed location tags. This is a fun feature people use to share their stories more clearly. We get to capitalize on this my creating sponsored, customizable Geofilters. A Geofilter will show up as an option when users slide through the filters, and if they are in range, they will be able to add your filter to their snaps.

Face Lenses

Get Intuitive

A face lens can be applied while a photo or video is being taken. There are lenses that make your skin more clear, warp your face, give you sunglasses, change your voice, or even turn you into a dog. Capitalize on this feature by providing your audience with fun ways to share your brand.

World Lenses

Get Interactive

A world lens on Snapchat is a collection of 3D enhancements to the real world with augmented reality. With a lens, you can place text, emojis, images, and cartoon characters in your snaps. Not only will it look like they're actually there, the items will stay where you placed them even if you turn away.

Shoppable AR Lenses

Stay Ahead

This is a cutting edge way to market to your audience. Shoppable lenses are separated into three categories: Website, Video and Install. With the website category, you can display your products right in the camera with a "Buy Now" button. If you have a video you want people to see, you can add a "Watch" button. And if you're promoting your app, provide an "Install Now" link and send them right to the app store.

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