More About Me

Sales are a large part of my life. As a little boy, I watched and learned about sales from my mother. I remember selling watermelons door-to-door at the age of eight. Around that time I began to develop a keen passion in sales. Every time I talk with someone and have to think quick on my feet to make a sale, I get an unbelievable rush.

For over 15 years, I have worked as a sales person in a variety of jobs. I was a sales director in a health products marketing company that lead a group of nearly 80 associates. I also ran local offices of various telecommunication companies like Comcast and RCN. I currently own two local businesses in Nashua, New Hampshire.

I am a father of two beautiful girls and everything I do is for them. My goal as Director of Sales in Brennan Media is to show people the love, care, and passion that we have for all of our clients. I want to showcase for all new and existing clients that we are a company that prides itself in the quality of the work that we produce. We want to show them that we can help their own businesses grow and flourish whether it is by social media, web design, marketing, or photography.

Jimmy Tran