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I was born in Lawrence, MA and had the privilege to be raised in Dominican Republic until my early teen years. After specializing in Business Management and Finance in high school, I went off to college to Graphic Design and Illustration. With learning entrepreneurship in high school, and expanding my creativity in college, I bring a unique outlook on niche marketing.

What drives me is seeing results; I’m a real numbers guy. I believe that numbers are a language, and everyone would like it to speak it fluently. At the beginning of 2017 I was able to lead and inspire a team to open a brand new business, and make it profitable within 14 days of it’s grand opening. It was then that I realized that if I did it with one business, I am willing to take on the challenge to do it again.

Being apart of Brennan Media brings me the opportunity to work with each and every client who is looking to accomplish what I have. That excites me the most!

Jerry Heredia

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